The Buoy is a method of self empowerment built on deep breathing and emotional self reflection.

– Founded 2000 –

  • Helps you to recognize and connect to your feelings
  • Helps you to gain control over your feelings instead of being controlled by them
  • Helps you to control how you want to feel
  • Helps you choose good feelings and be able to give and receive love
  • A simple and lasting way towards self empowerment

The Buoy is a simple way to self empowerment that is based on a breathing technique and connecting with your feelings. It teaches you how to heal after a traumatic experience and stress. You will be given keys for to open the doors to your own self empowerment. The method aims at giving you control over your own emotional wellbeing. By being more focused and present in each moment you will deepen your empathy for others as well as for yourself. In The Buoy the emphasis is on conscious self healing which makes the results more enduring. Because the method is based on breathing, purchase each person has easy access and can make use of it whenever the need arises in their lives.

The Buoy is a way towards self empowerment for everyone!

The Buoy can help after a traumatic experience or long-term stress. In situations like going through a divorce, there being a victim of bullying/violence, losing a loved one, relationship problems within family/school/workplace, addiction problems, anxiety, depression or simply to attain more self esteem and personal wellbeing. The Buoy helps you to cope with difficult and stressful situations.

The Buoy is a method of self empowerment that goes straight to the roots and doesn't dwell on superficial appearances. Keep it real and build a strong foundation!

By applying The Buoy method you leave your co-dependency behind i.e. insecurity and allowing other people's emotions and actions to decide how you feel. Instead you will develop your own strength in a healthy manner.

How does The Buoy work and why is it so effective?

It has been taught to thousands of people over 15 years with excellent results. It is an effective and easy way for self empowerment where emotional work is done through breathing, and breathing is a fundamental building block of life. The foundation that The Buoy is built on is as simple as life itself.

Your breath is intricately connected to how relaxed or stressed your body feels. So to become conscious of your breath is the main key to gain control over your feelings and actions.

By practicing the way of The Buoy each person is working towards self improvement, and not to impress or please anyone besides yourself.

The Buoy is not like going to therapy, it is an exercise in self-help. It is a problem-solving therapy that you are giving yourself.

The Buoy is built on studies and personal experiences of the methods creator Guðbjörg Thoroddsen.

Guðbjörg worked as an actress for 25 years and at the same time as a counsellor and teacher. Her workshop is built on the expertice and experience that she attained doing these jobs. Being an actress requires you to analyze and deeply empathize with the characters you play, which calls for introspection and emotional work. In acting, you have to be able to set your own personality aside for a while, Guðbjörg says. To truely get into character the performer has to relax, breath into the abdomen and enter, what they term ground zero. From that point it is easy to view feelings and emotions from a neutral stand.

Through The Buoy method you attain peace and wellbeing. You no longer need quick energy boosts and co-dependent behaviour is left behind as you activate your inner energy source. When you have gained confidence in the practice you will feel like you are doing yoga all the time. All life seeks balance in order to maintain good health and strength. The Buoy strengthens the natural energy flow of the body and helps you to find balance. It helps you to access your energy source through relaxation, and teaches you to harness your energy through constant renewal.

Guðbjörg developed this technique for herself when she needed it in her own life. It worked wonders for her and later when she started offering others this technique she found that it is a helpful tool for others as well.