We decide for ourselves, if we foster anger and let it control us or not. We manufacture our anger by ourselves, unhealthy like other emotions.

Anger is a defense, cheap a reaction to fear, a reaction to insecurity and discomfort.

Anger is our defense and strength when we are mistreated or offended. It says “no more.” It gives us strength, it brings instant energy, and it is incredibly strong. Anger can be useful for many things, and should be harnessed for good things. But it is vital for us to be able to control it and not to let it govern our feelings and behavior. Anger is positive like any other basic emotion. They let us know how we feel and that we need to do something constructive. On the other hand if we let those emotions, control us, they will crush us and destroy.

If we are governed by anger we will start to feel worse and worse. We become guilty and filled with remorse because of our unnatural behavior; the anger multiplies because we do not react to the discomfort in a sensible way. We do not process our emotions like we ought to do and produce a clump of anger inside us, which will become bigger and worse in time if it is not dealt with appropriately and is allowed to stay undisturbed.

Anger produces all kinds of strenuous and unhealthy emotions, like feeling of guilt, anxiety, boredom, feeling of rejection, vindictiveness, jealousy, impudence and hate. Anger can lead to violence aimed at ourselves and at others.

Anger treats us the worst, both spiritually and physically. The tension that it fills us with damages our health. In a bout of rage we completely loose the control, the tension and discomfort turns into fury. After a storm of temper our body is like a smoldering ruin. If we are not able to process it, then we can feel the destructive power of anger.

There may be numerous reasons and emotions that stand behind your anger and now, you have to get used to examining your anger closely. Always, each time you feel it approaching. Our strength comes from knowing our emotions and what lies underneath and to be able to manage them.

Anger could be our defense against some inner distress. We can react with anger, because we do not understand our own discomfort and are not able to manage it. We may have been subjected to violence a long time ago, or experienced some traumatic event, which we have not processed in our mind.

In that case, our anger, guilt, anxiety and tedium have not been processed. We become overwhelmed by unprocessed emotions and we react with our defense, with anger. We take out our personal problems on our environment, on other people or on ourselves in the form of anger, because one does not know any better. Thus anger can become a habitual emotion. We start to react to all confrontations using anger in stead of dealing with the situation. We take the route of anger, because we are used to it, and therefore it is the easy way. This pattern may even be a legacy from our parents.

Insecurity, feeling of inferiority, fear, stress, impatience and irritation turn to anger. Everything turns to anger. Some people have based their self-assurance on the way of anger, and thus have gained a false self-assurance, and no inner security. The emotions that accompany that tear us down in stead of building us up. Those emotions are; negativity, stubbornness, impulsive need for control and jealousy. In order to get rid of anger we need to be in reconciliation with ourselves and with others. Settle old distress and process them. We need to be able to forgive to get rid of the anger. Throw the veil on top of the one who has taken the wrong route, taken the way of anger/violence relating to him self, us or others. We have to think; this is his/her problem, his/her feeling, he/she was not able to take the right way for some reason. Throw the veil on top of old anger and do not let it destroy you.

“Self-assurance” based on the way of anger is a way of flight. The temporary defense of anger is not for long, it is not permanent.

The behavior of anger is a false self-assurance, and does not bring inner strength. It draws its power from shallow breathing, as a temporary energy, but is not the well of permanent energy, which deep relaxation breathing brings when we breathe deep into the abdomen.

Inner security comes along with self-enhancement based on love- Relaxation breathing from where the good emotions come.