The Buoy takes you out of co-dependent behavior patterns and helps build healthy self esteem.

Co-dependence: Having lost an essential connection to self and trust in self. Those who are co-dependent have little control over their lives as their actions and emotions are largely reactions to the emotional state and actions of others. They feel responsible for how the other person feels and behaves. They often lack the skills that are needed to process their own feelings or take full responsibility for them. The imbalance this creates often causes low self esteem that may manifest as a constant feeling of guilt and/or passive-aggressive behavior.

Co-dependence is a pathological state that can cause stress, inner conflict and imbalance.

It can be the reason for feelings of insecurity, inferiority or needless anxiety. It can also lead to seriously damaging and addictive behavior patterns such as drug abuse or deep depression. Being codependent makes us ill both physically and mentally.

A co-dependent person has a harder time coping with stressful or traumatic situations.

A trademark of a healthy individual is the ability to take responsibility for ones own feelings.

Co-dependence is characterized by an energy imbalance.

A co-dependent person relies too often on a quick energy fix that does not last, to relieve the inner turmoil.

In nature all life seeks a state of energy balance to maintain good health and strength.

The Buoy corrects and strengthens the natural energy flow of the body and brings it into balance. With our self esteem intact we can access an energy source that is infinite and is ever renewed from a simple technique of relaxation. The Buoy helps us to attain inner peace, higher self esteem and a feeling of wellbeing