Viðtal Jóhönnu við Bauju – Öndun (Johanna interviews Bauja – Breathing)
00:00:00,00:00:07 We have been discussing all this, now you are going to tell us how we can practically apply it
>>00:00:08,00:00:00:14 The key is to breathe down into the abdomen. It is very simple, because we are breathing like that every night while we sleep
>>00:00:15,00:00:16 yes we do
>>00:00:17,00:00:24 When we are little, infants, then all our breathing is from there
>>00:00:25,00:00:27 Babies sleep a lot and are in relaxation all the time
>>00:00:28,00:00:30 But when the young child does not feel good the breathing becomes shallow
>>00:00:31,00:00:34 Then we calm them down and help them to come back to the deep breathing
>>00:00:35,00:00:44 And then what happens is that many people get disconnected to this natural way of breathing brought on by traumatic experiences or from living in a codependent home where you do not have control over your own feelings and allow other people’s feelings to decide how you feel
>>00:00:45,00:00:52 This may lead to short and shallow breathing which directly relates to losing connection to your own emotional roots
>>00:00:53,00:00:57 This state may even last for decades, but you never lose the ability to return to the natural deep breathing state, because you were born with it
>>00:00:58,00:00:59 Yes of course
>>00:01:00,00:01:14 And when we are babies, learning to walk and talk and play a lot, we start to shallow breathe when we are active, but deep breathing is never far off in laughter and crying
>>00:01:15,00:01:24 When we are about 4 and are not as attached to our mother all the time
>>00:01:25,00:01:31 our individuality starts to be more visible, then we start to use the shallow breathing much more
>>00:01:32,00:01:39 But we have to keep a strong connection to the deep abdominal breathing, because that is where our self confidence originates
>>00:01:40,00:01:42 That is where our self control comes from
>>00:01:43,00:01:48 This method is all about controlling you emotional state
>>00:01:49,00:01:50 And you do that through deep breathing?
>>00:01:51,00:01:57 Yes, we need to have this clear connection to our breath
>> 00:01:58,00:02:07 But we can temporarily lose this connection especially after traumatic experiences that may cause feelings of anger, sorrow, anxiety and guilt
>>00:02:08,00:02:12 To work through and heal these feelings we need to breathe through them and take the breath down into relaxation breathing from the abdomen
>>00:02:13,00:02:16 Tell me how you do this. Is it a practice that has to be repeated several times a day, or every morning? Or how does it work?
>>00:02:17,00:02:22 In reality you just have to stay conscious about how you are breathing so that it becomes almost like a constant yogic practice
>>00:02:23,00:02:27 You correct your breathing each time you become aware of internal tension building up
>>00:02:28,00:02:30 And you breathe down like this?
>>00:02:31,00:02:32 Yes, I can show you how we should breathe
>>00:02:33,00:02:38 For all the good feelings, breathe down here
>>00:02:39,00:02:44 This is where the laughter is, and crying as well. You can find relaxation and release of tension through crying
>>00:02:45,00:02:49 But sorrow is up here if we are not crying to release it
>>00:02:50,00:02:53 Every night during sleep we are breathing from down here
>>00:02:54,00:02:58 We start to yawn which takes our breath down into the abdomen
>>00:02:59,00:03:02 telling us that we should go to sleep and rejuvenate our system through deep relaxation
>>00:03:03,00:03:04 And during the night everything is happening
>>00:03:05,00:03:10 growing and processing events from the waking hours
>>00:03:11,00:03:12 In the morning we feel that we are down here
>>00:03:13,00:03:18 but then stressful thoughts like “I will be late for work” start coming up. Then it’s good to know how to regain your balance and peace
>>00:03:19,00:03:27 So what really matters is to be aware when you are off balance and start shallow breathing
>>00:03:28,00:03:31 Yes come down, use your smile also, and I will talk about the keys later on
>>00:03:32,00:03:38 Yes. Our strength actually comes from the ability to come into relaxation. It doesn´t come from tension
>>00:03:39,00:03:47 We see this in sport e.g. in karate the power comes from the abdomen not from up here
>>00:03:48,00:03:52 our self confidence and inner strength comes from here
>>00:03:53,00:03:56 that is why it is so important that we work through our difficulties and safeguard our wellness
>>00:03:57,00:04:05 If people do not work through their difficulties and don´t know how to, they will pass them on to other people around them. They are not entirely well.
>>00:04:06,00:04:10 And then everyone around them becomes codependent, lose the connection to their inner self
>>00:04:11,00:04:13 “I’m not good enough..I can’t control how that person feels..”
>>00:04:14,00:04:17 But in fact we cannot control other people’s feelings, only our own
>>00:04:18,00:04:24 It is so important that each person take responsibility for working with their own feelings and not put it over on someone else
>>00:04:25,00:04:38 It is all about the breathing. For example before I walked into the studio here I took a deep breath down into the abdomen to fetch my inner peace and calm
>>00:04:39,00:04:41 Could you show us now how you do it?
>>00:04:42,00:04:53 Yes, breathe through the nose down into the abdomen, the stomach expands like a balloon, hold for the count of 3 and exhale a little at a time
>>00:04:54,00:05:03 The reason why you release the breath like this is to strengthen the muscles down here and build a stronger connection
>>00:05:04,00:05:07 That makes it easier for us to use this method whenever we find ourselves in a difficult situation
>>00:05:08,00:05:21 So the method is based on being conscious of applying the method whenever you feel that a negative feeling or situation is arising. Instead of getting caught in shallow breathing, to consciously do the deep abdominal breathing?
>>00:05:22,00:05:24 yes and find out what the cause of the feeling is
>>00:05:25,00:05:33 So this is the basic method that you teach besides the use of the keys that you are going to tell us about?
>>00:05:34,00:05:37 yes, be conscious of your breathing and understand your emotions
>>00:05:38,00:05:46 This is not a treatment as such but rather a self-help method
>>00:05:38,00:05:46 And it is as simple as that