The Buoys aim is to gain control over your emotional and mental wellbeing.

To be able to walk in someone elses shoes, cheap to give more of yourself and enjoy each moment. In The Buoy you find an inner balance that allows you to live and be content in the moment.

To live in the moment you need to find an inner balanced state of being. Deep relaxation will connect you to lifes energy source.

In nature all life seeks balance to maintain good health and strength.

Humans are part of nature and we all need balance and strength.

The Buoy corrects and strengthens the energy flow of the body and brings it into balance.

You learn to turn away from codependent behavior and seeking a quick-fix energy outlet. Instead you can gain access to an endless energy source through deep relaxation, physician which makes any difficulties and stressful situations a lot easier to deal with.

When you have mastered the practice of The Buoy it will feel like you are constantly doing yoga.

It will be easier to stay focused on the present moment.

You need to be fully present in each moment, living in the now, to handle successfully the traumatic experiences and unexpected blows that life may send your way.

You need to be present in each moment to be able to experience the fullness of love and enjoy your life, not in hindsight, but as it is happening.

For this reason you need to process your difficult feelings so that you can return to a relaxed and liberated state of being. That is not possible under the pressure of emotional stress.

We all tend to experience reality through a filter of emotions that are controlling us.

If, for example it is anger that controls you, you will appear defensive all the time, if it is a feeling of rejection, then you might think you are never good enough.

With The Buoy you will learn to live in a relaxed state of neutrality which enables you to accept reality in a more natural and harmonious way i.e. with love.

Feelings of love and wellbeing come when you are in a relaxed state. The technique of The Buoy builds self confidence and love from being in a relaxed state. Through working on the emotions and breathing for relaxation you reach a state of neutrality giving you all the help you need. With the help of The Buoy you can find inner peace and a sense of wellbeing.

It is a great ability to be able to influence and gain control over your feelings. You do not have to be driven by your emotional state. Everyone wants to feel good!

If you do not practice breathing correctly you cannot live fully in the moment and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Finally I would like to quote Dalai Lama in his book, The book about wisdom and love.

If we realize what we can do and if we trust in our strength, we can make the world a better place. My experience is that self-assurance is pivotal in that. I do not mean blind self-assurance, but the knowledge about what we can do. In that field we can change ourselves by enhancing our good qualities and diminish our faults as best we can.

Do not dwell in suffering when you dont have to. Relax and enjoy what is!