Teacher : Guðbjörg Thóroddsen

Private sessions for self empowerment can be the best choice if you are facing especially challenging times and want to break through to create for yourself a better life. The Buoy is a simple and effective way towards self-help.

The private sessions are once a week, physician 5 times and one hour each.

The Buoy is a method of self empowerment that works for everyone, young and old, women and men.

The Buoy for groups. I have taught The Buoy for small groups within schools, for social workers, for The Unemployment Office and many others since 2000. The groups are organized beforehand and consist of 2-5 people in each group.

The group sessions are once a week, 6 times and 90 minutes each.

The Buoy is a technique for self empowerment that does more than just scratch the surface. It reaches to deeper layers of the emotions and builds a solid base of self confidence.

The aims of The Buoy:

  • Learning about your feelings and practicing relating them directly to your emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Recuperating and building strength after traumatic experiences due to illness, divorce, addictions, bullying/violence, death of a loved one, domestic problems, difficulties at school/workplace.
  • Overcome anxiety and depression. Getting over shyness and increasing your self confidence.
  • Stop codependent behavior i.e. not being controlled by outside factors like someone else’s feelings or actions.
  • Learn the basic elements of emotional work through relaxation breathing for self-help, enabling you to control your feelings, behavior and circumstances.
  • To empathize with others, be present in each moment to enjoy your life more fully.

The Buoy provides a good emotional foundation that participants can build on.

After working through the course material you will have self-help tools to enhance your self confidence and personal strength. The Buoy can benefit everyone.

Extra sessions are available for participants who need more support after concluding the basic course. Getting the help you need is made easier after learning the techniques taught in the course. But some who are dealing with trauma or deep-seated emotional problems may need an additional follow up.

The best prevention is to know yourself and your feelings. Understanding the state you are in enables you to control your reactions, thus lessening the negative impact of difficult experiences life may bring your way.

It is possible to order an in-depth introduction or lecture on The Buoy.

An introduction takes one hour, but a lecture lasts longer.

What is The Buoy, self-empowerment? Thousands of people have found The Buoy helpful. What is the magic behind the method and why does it work so well?

Why have over 100 student advisors and many other professionals learned how to use and teach The Buoy?

Guðbjörg Thóroddsen the author of The Buoy is the lecturer.

The book is available at introductions and lectures.