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The book “Baujan” The Buoy, here a self-help book for self-enhancement, was published in Iceland in December 2006. Its setup is as a self-help book in six sections (steps) which is meant for one week each, in a persons route to self-enhancement.
The beauty of the method is the simplicity so people often say when they have got to know it … “of course – why did I not know this before?”
Baujan (the buoy) is based on the experience and education of its creator Guðbjörg Thoroddsen (Bauja). She uses relaxation breathing technique to reach an “emotional point -zero”, from which everyone familiar with ones feelings and emotions can go where ever one chooses. We can control our own feelings and actions if only we get a little instruction. We need self knowledge to be able to enjoy what life has to offer. The Buoy gives the basis, one that is effective and quick. Its main advantage is that each and everyone is probing and working for him-/herself and not to try to please anyone else.

The Buoy has been taught in many schools. Using the same material and the same way of thinking, it has also been utilized successfully to help individuals, and to boost the spirit of camaraderie in classrooms (to quell mobbing), at places of work and to help families.
“I was asked by professional to create this self-help book, because a great number of them have already learnt this method in my courses and they are now utilizing it for their protégées. The Icelandic teachers College has been sponsoring these courses”.
The basis and structure of this book is simple, as simple as being. It is based on breathing, the foundation of our existence. To be aware of our breathing, which is tightly knit to tension and relaxation of our body, is the magic or the simple fact we have to know to be able to influence our feelings and behavior. This is no news; it is a fact as old as humanity.
Body and mind (feelings) are a unity. Life and breathing are one. Paramedics say, “one who is not breathing will die,” and we can add, “one who is not breathing correctly does not live life to its fullest.”

A Chapter from The Buoy

Introduction – To those intending to find their Buoy.

Apart from problems that are biological in origin, I cannot think of a single psychological difficulty- from anxiety and depression, to fear of intimacy or of success, to alcohol or drug abuse, to underachievement at school or at work, to spouse battering or child molestation, to sexual dysfunction or emotional immaturity to suicide or crimes of violence – that is not traceable to poor self-esteem. Of all the judgements we pass, none is as important as the one we pass on ourselves. Positive self-esteem is a cardinal requirement of a fulfilling life.

(Nathaniel Branden. How to raise your self-esteem. Page 5. Bantam books, paperback 1988)

I choose to start this section which is aimed at those who want to implement the easy methods of the Buoy for self-improvement, with those words of Nathaniel Branden.

I name this method „the Buoy“, because buoys show sailors a safe route, and are for them essential signs. A buoy-watch has to be manned in all weathers, and sailors need to get safely to harbor. The methods of the Buoy are signposts for everyone‘s happiness on sea or land, and that is why the name is optimal. Another reason for the naming is also that my nickname is Bauja, which is Icelandic for the buoy.

The Buoy utilizes the healing powers of the body/mind, by using diaphragm breathing (relaxation breathing). In its simplicity the ways of the Buoy aim at having the individual “cure” himself on his/her own grounds. In relaxation the mind gets leisure to sort out, feelings, situations and experiences. In this healing capacity, which is a gift to us all from nature itself, help is found for those psychological problems which are not directly caused by physical reasons.

The Buoy assumes that all people are inherently good, that love is the foundation we all build upon, and that it is natural for all to seek happiness and pleasure. The Buoy is self-enhancement based on inner strength, on love.

The Buoy is a method which is entirely “homemade”, I have used it myself in my own reconstruction, and I know its ways from the inside. It has been useful to me, and is by now a proven method after many years of being taught in the schools. The pupils that have learned the ways of the Buoy are now several thousand. The miracles I have seen when utilizing these methods are numerous.

The Buoy emphasizes the fact, that the healing process is autonomous in almost every way, and therefore made to last. Nobody should feel as if somebody is barging into their private space and bossing them around. The Buoy has the keys to the doors leading to individual houses, where each and everyone is his own master, and maker of his own fortune. Inside, the Buoy does not reign, it only gives advice. The house owners decide for themselves, whether to use them or not! This way of thinking is the precondition for the effectiveness of the Buoy.

The method is easy, after the six steps of the Buoy, when:

  • We begin to realize our feelings/emotions better
  • We start thinking objectively about feelings/emotions, i.e. we have made them palpable, and as a consequence we can throw them about, or store them away or even forget about them!
  • We can seek relaxation breathing; reach the control station for the way we feel,
  • We are conscious about our breathing wheather we are breathing up into the ribcage or down into the abdomen in relaxation,
  • We have realized that the fundamentals are:
    1. to love and honor ourselves,
    2. to think positively and in a solution oriented way,
    3. to travel the path of love instead of the roads of fear and refusal, then the things simply start to happen!

The healing of the body starts and a search for balance and wellbeing commences. Most people will then consciously or subconsciously start processing their emotions and feelings, and self-reconstruction starts. Subconsciously, because if we are lucky, the subconscious will handle the reconstruction and the processing for the most part, but all we have to do is to make sure that the correct tools and methods are available. The Buoy gives you the keys, but each and everyone works for him-/herself in the reconstruction.

That is why it is important that the chronological order and the methods of the Buoy are correct, and each step is as important, not least the repetition: “the smile, eyes, voice, wheel,veil, breathing.”

Usually, and if everything is normal, self-assurance and wellbeing of those utilizing the methods of the Buoy will grow, but remember that each and everyone reaps as he sows, i.e. he will reap according to what his will, maturity and his circumstances offer at any given time.

With the constant repetitions of the Buoy, we cannot avoid taking notice of how we feel and act. An education will seep in and stick somewhere in your mind even if today’s circumstances do not offer a full utilization of its methods. Anyway, a solid basis in knowledge of emotions will be obtained, upon which one can always build in consequent work.

The Buoy is not a treatment; it is a method of introspection and self-work. It is a method in self-strengthening, where relaxation breathing is the main key to self-reconstruction. The peace of mind that comes with relaxation is a prerequisite for normal introspection, emotional work and self-reconstruction. I was given this key in the theatre where the actor uses this method in all his work.- I have reflected this upon our own feelings and daily life.

With the method of the Buoy, we gain the knowledge that we can control our own feelings and behavior. Once we are able to connect our feelings to how we breathe, and we know that our control centre is in our own abdomen in relaxation, and that we are not controlled by someone else, we start gaining strength!


The Buoy is also available as an e-book. See on Amazon and iUniverse